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It's time to get your brain back, regardless of reason or diagnosis.
It doesn't matter why you have brain fog or even if you have a diagnosis. 
I help people like you learn how to treat their brain fog symptoms that effect their memory, mood, focus and motivation. They come to the Brain Fog Recovery Program feeling confused, forgetful, fatigued, low or anxious mood and disconnected from others. And I teach them how to rescue their cognitive function and mood so they can become fully present in their lives and thrive. 
The Brain Fog Recovery Program is effective, evidence-based, and transformative. 

How does it work?

Metabolic Brain Therapy
Powerful nutritional therapies that restore brain energy, reduce neuroinflammation and stop cycles of neurodegeneration
Functional Coaching
Lifestyle and functional medicine coaching to resolve any residual underlying factors that could limit your results or cause your brain fog symptoms to return 
Lessons to help you learn personalized supplementation based on the individual needs discovered in your genetics

Enrollment is by application only and applicants must be screened as appropriate for this program. 

Because you have the right to know all the ways you can feel better.

Don't spend one more moment of your life living through the haze of brain fog. 

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